How do I arrange for an initial consultation?

Call or email to make an appointment.  If you are calling about a lawsuit or a business transaction, you will need to give us the names of all parties involved so that we can make sure we do not have a conflict of interest.  We may have to “clear conflicts” before we can speak to you about the case.

Do you charge for an initial consultation?

In most cases, there will be an initial consultation fee payable at the time of consultation.  If you ask us to review documents or take other actions to prepare for the consultation, we may charge an additional fee.  In some cases, especially estate planning (wills and trusts) matters, we will quote you a flat fee for further services that can include the initial consultation.

What are your fees for handling a matter or case like mine?

Flat fees: In some cases, especially estate planning matters (wills and trusts) and elder law matters, we may be able to quote you a flat fee during the initial consultation.  Then you can decide whether you wish to proceed with the representation.

Contingency cases: In some cases, we only collect a fee if we are able to obtain a settlement or court award for you.

Hourly fees: In many matters we charge hourly fees based upon the time we spend working on your case or transaction.  Hourly fees will apply in civil dispute matters and some business matters.  We generally can give you an estimate of the anticipated expenses.  But we can never make any guarantees to you about expenses where other people and factors — judges, opposing attorneys, adverse parties — partly control the course and outcome of a matter.

Where are you located and where can I park my car?

Our Boone offices are located at 184 N. Water Street just up from the license tag office.  Enter in the side entrance that is marked.  Parking is available at the building.

Do you have handicap access?

Yes.  We have a meeting room in the building that does not require using any stairs.